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I don't think that it's a terrible thing for them to bring aware

Permanent Linkby Nanlina on Fri Oct 30, 2020 3:13 am

That's a really good point, I had not considered it like this. I think I agree with you this is overall a fantastic thing even if it's also good for the business. I get you want to support the reason but what does that have to do with football? It brings attention to this issue and retains it on the issue rather than letting a distraction from it via their game. Beyond that Colin Kapernick kneeling for precisely the reasons the protests are happening? And the whole reaction to it from in and outside the league when he had been performing which are directly related to both the issue and soccer. NFL players have been protesting police brutality throughout games for years now. Taking into consideration the game contains the likeness of many of these characters it isn't surprising that EA may do this.

Since a lot of men and women are treating sport firms like they are their good, trustworthy friends. I don't think I have ever seen this happening out of the gaming community. They do not see them like any other corporations whose sole objective is only to get your cash. If you changed the title from EA into CDPR, strangely enough that the comments here will probably be a lot different. They release trailers for them? It's Madden, who does not know what they are getting in the item? (And naturally, it is well worth noting that there is a reason that everyone knows what Coca-Cola is...) That's the very corporate-ese Ralph Wiggum"I'm helping" bullshit I have ever seen. That is because there are far more important things happening and they won't receive the clicks and perspectives they were relying on becoming because people's attention is elsewhere. Haha okay EA, I'm sure this has nothing to do with the cash you want to create off of this game and everything to do with supporting the victims of injustice. There's a lootbox/looting joke in this somewhere.Same would happen if it had been Epic or Activision. If CDPR, Valve or some other cherished company did the same, comments would be wholly different. Edit: Sony did the exact same and the overall reception on these comments are mostly positive. Stay refreshing, Reddit. I don't think so. If their primary customer base is African American is does not make sense to market to them at the moment. As they will not be spending right now, as games is not on there minds at this time. Not about honor imo. More or less they not going to the stores right now to make purchases. Maybe this really is the cynical part of me. A wonderful gesture, but aren't these the very same men and women who censored Colin Kaepernick's title from a song in one of the past Madden games?

I will preface this by saying I don't think that it's a terrible thing for them to bring awareness to this issue. It's significant that it can't just be dismissed by taking a look from it. With that said, I do hold a certain amount of distrust towards multi-billion dollar multinational corporations paying lip service to significant social problems. They are in the best possible place to do more than just put out a press release or public announcement. Of course, as a philosophical business they're under no obligation to do so, and yet it rings hollow when they attempt to stand in solidarity with the ordinary men and women. Now there are businesses out there that do things and this is the opportunity to emphasize those attempts; to demonstrate that they're more than just words.

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