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Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope

Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope

Postby adserver » Wed Nov 25, 2020 10:32 pm


Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope
by Horoscope.com


Personal and Social Life in 2021

What an absolute turning point kind of year 2021 will be for you, Sagittarius! There is a miraculous energy all around you that is quite refreshing for your benevolent sign of the Centaur. You will have times of massive self-reflection that can trigger old wounds, also met by extremely gracious moments of friendship!

The presence of the lunar and solar eclipses cycle through both, your personal sign and opposing realm of the Twins. This helps you get a full perspective and observe the world through a brand-new scope. You have various mass realizations this year that will set you on a successful course.

The May 26 total lunar eclipse in your sign, for example, provides a massive release in your personal life that is both purifying and strengthening. This can be an energetic blockage you've had for years that lifts and releases from your life. You may feel more exposed than normal, but that is the point of these shifts.

Later on, as an illuminating annular solar eclipse in Gemini galvanizes your personal seventh house of partnerships on June 10, there is no place to hide! You are out and proud of whatever you believe in!

The goal this year is to get you expressing from a more heartfelt space. Appreciating life, and living it up is what it's all about these days. Even with the hardships of the world, your Jupiterian sign can really feel the love even through the tougher of times. The year concludes with a total solar eclipse in your sign on December 4, igniting your passions and bringing fruitful messages from the cosmic forces that be!

Love in 2021 for Couples

There is so much intertwining this year that it is such a pivotal time for those Centaurs in long-standing relationships. You are both required to carefully compromise throughout the year, and embrace the changes that you are undergoing at the same time.

One instance would be to also consider your partner's sign element as well. As a fire sign, you are more able to go with the flow, which also goes for air signs this year. If your partner is a water or earth sign, it might be a little harder for them to cope through certain experiences, and you might be the one pulling others through some rougher emotional waves. You don’t mind blockages, because you see them as a challenge that can be truly worked through.

Your confidence gets a surge of respect as Jupiter transits through the sign of Aquarius through the first half of the year. Abundance comes in the form of forgiveness and understanding. You are able to let go of the little things and just accept someone for who they are and where they are along their journey. The year brings your partnership many gifts of honor, respect, and luck.

The eclipse cycles overall are going to be potent zones of change. Couples are going to have to go through the doorway together in some capacity, especially between mid-May and through early July. This is just a turning point where you are asked to face your destiny whether you are prepared or not! It's a time where teamwork really holds true to everyone involved whether your partnership has a large family connected or it's just the two of you.

In 2021, listening skills and careful communication are needed to keep the romance alive!

Love in 2021 for Singles

For those Sagittarians seeking partnership, you are going on a quest for love this year! There is no more settling that needs to take place in your life, most specifically for those Centaurs who have already experienced unhealthy and toxic relationships.

There might even be a realm of the past that tries to make a nasty appearance in your world as the nodes of destiny cycle between the south node releasing old stories in your sign, and the north node pulling you towards a new form of commitment in chatty Gemini. Your love wounds are for sure out on the table, and you are required to deal with them head-on.

The eclipse cycles of the year are going to bring you every scenario you can think about. It can include past lovers that you may have considered dating again, but do realize they are an ex for a reason. There's a lot to really dive into psychologically, and you might even need a little help from a relationship counselor during this cycle. Remember that this is a theme for the next twelve months ahead, even as you are met with May, June, November, and December lunar eclipses! So, getting ready for the shits and changes in early January will be the best method of keeping yourself centered throughout the entirety of 2021.

Finally, be careful about another person's intent through most of June and July. Because your sign is so vibrant and activated cosmically, you are pulling in many different characters, and you will have to take your time if you are looking for the right person. If anyone is rushing you to make a love decision you are not ready for, don’t feel bad and kick them to the curb!

Career and Money in 2021

The important lesson for your fiery sign in 2021 includes the idea of whether you are able to withstand and uphold your capacity to build. There is a multitude of expansive cosmic transits also immediately met by contractile energies.

A major influence via an ongoing square between career-obsessed Saturn in Aquarius and chaotic Uranus in Taurus is going to strongly come into play through much of your business and financial affairs this year. Yes, these squares hold their strongest dates on February 14, June 14, and December 24, but their transits continue through your personal zones of organization and communication through much of the twelve months ahead. These can include sudden fluctuations in world markets and overall revolutionary cycles that can change the way you work in the world in general.

Your sign has always tapped into the overall affairs of society, and it is totally your time to shine if you are working in the public and social realms of the world. If you've been hiding behind closed doors, there is a spotlight headed your way demanding that you take a risk and jump into the unknown.

Your finances, in general, can fluctuate a bit, but the eclipse cycles are here to help you follow your ultimate dreams and point out what is really most important to you overall. Mercury's retrograde kicks up some patterns that need to be addressed between May 29 and June 22. This might have to deal with some business loans and contracts that were pushed to the backburner. Most specifically, you will need to look at your monetary habits from a new pair of lenses.

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