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Leo 2016 Horoscope

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Leo 2016 Horoscope


Personal and Social Life in 2016

Let the world see more of the true you in 2016, Leo! Work hard at what you love and have more fun doing it. More people will enjoy working with you, and then your social life could be busier, too.

The Mars retrograde period in the spring will help you slow down, focus, and keep your sights on what is most important.

People may be trying to shake up your world all year long, especially around the Solar Eclipse in Pisces in March and the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces in September. Stay sure of yourself - you can handle it.

Be good to yourself, too. Take care of your health, be active, and make good use of your time day by day. Start off with a firm daily routine - one you also enjoy - and it will take you through the whole year.

Money and work opportunities are there for you, so work hard and make your mark.

Make wise decisions at home and assume the authority that friends and family members are assigning to you. Just be your awesome Leo self!

Love in 2016 for Couples

Can a year be peaceful and exciting at the same time? 2016 can for you, Leo! You and your mate are big-hearted and want to please each other. Plus, monetary pinches and crazy big desires are at a minimum.

Tender feelings will be near the surface all year, so treat each other with extra consideration during the March Solar Eclipse and September Lunar Eclipse.

The four Mercury retrogrades are in Earth signs, so any miscommunications will probably be about practical matters. Write things down, pay bills on time, and help find each other's misplaced keys and phones.

If there has been a yearning to own a place of your own, this could be the year, especially after August. Look into it!

Passions rise later in the year. One (or both) of you may need more intimacy and extra physical attention in November and December. Be understanding and be there for one another. How great, to end the year with your relationship even stronger than when the year began!

Love in 2016 for Singles

Start off 2016 with a bang, Leo! You'll attract plenty of attention just by being your radiant self. You may innocently shock some people - in a good way.

If you feel a bit down or more needy during the early spring, don't fret for long. Plenty of potential dates are out there, wanting to make you happy. They may be of the familiar, ordinary sort, though. If craving someone more exciting or different, that might have to wait for April or May.

You may meet someone in August or September who promises you the high life, and this might be flattering and fun for a while. You're too proud and independent to let it last for long, though.

Someone more your equal may appear later in the year, perhaps during the final Mercury retrograde in December. If not a true soul mate, you'll be able to talk and to see eye to eye. Plenty of passion is there, too!

Career and Money in 2016

In 2016, the most profitable occupations will probably involve the more mundane, less glamorous work, Leo. This does not mean menial or demeaning. It just means less showy and flashy.

An unexpected (and maybe big) opportunity in January could come to you, but don't immediately pounce on it. Mercury is retrograde in an Earth Sign, so give the situation time to show its true colors. Ask questions in 2016, and don't settle for half-answers.

In August you may redefine, career-wise, what you want to do - or how. Take action after the conclusion of the Mercury retrograde period in late September. Money and recognition may increase for you then, too. Be patient, wise, and you'll be successful. Jupiter is on your side.

Be more ambitious and practical in November and December. Finish the year on very firm footing and at a higher financial level. ... e-leo.aspx