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PostMessage posted...: Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:57 pm
by adserver

Swappable is an app for the iPhone or Andriod that allows you to purchase Gift Cards online and earn reward dollars back for most purchases that can in turn be applied to subsequent purchases. With Swappable, you can easily send an eGift Card via email or text with a personalized text message, video, or photo collage. Recipients can claim the gift card or, using the app, swap it for another gift card of their choice.

Buy and send gift cards that can be swapped. Swappable offers many popular gift cards, both in physical or eGift format, including brands such as Amazon, eBay, Wallmart, CVS, Target, Gap, Best Buy, Kmart, Sears, Starbucks, Old Navy, Bloomingdales, Groupon, iTunes and more.

Create an account and Swappable will give you $5 towards your first purchase. This reward will be applied at checkout. Earn Reward Dollars for most purchases. Redemption instructions for eGift cards are in the app's "Swappable Wallet". Physical gift cards are mailed. You may exchange gift cards that you purchased or received on Swappable, so you can always give or get the perfect gift.

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