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- October 2018
What are Dental Crowns?
   Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:26 am

What are Dental Crowns?

Permanent Linkby pvdentisttry on Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:26 am

Dental crown are fixed prosthetics that are part of cosmetic dentistry, it is described as a ‘cap’ that are designed to cover a damaged tooth of the patient. The crown will encase the tooth and will be held in place by dental cement. Once it is in place, the crown cap will help the teeth to become more stronger, helps restore shape, size, alignment, function and restores confidence by improving the patient’s appearance.

The materials that will be used on your tooth that requires a crown will be based on the position and shade of the tooth, most importantly, how much of the teeth will be seen by others everytime you smile. Your dentist will take into considerations everything before creating a crown that has to look natural with your smile. Crowns are made up of different kinds of materials- Like metal alloys, ceramics, composite resins and porcelains. A combination of these materials can be used. These materials that will be used will be matched to the natural color of your teeth, in order for it to look natural.

The different types of types of Dental Crowns:

*Ceramic- This type are considered by many as the best, as for this type blends easily with the natural color of your teeth. This type of crown is made of materials made of porcelain. They are used to restore your front teeth.
*Porcelain-fused to metal - These crown type can be used for front and back teeth. This crown provides a more stronger bond than porcelain because it is directly connected to a metal. The only drawback in using this type is when the porcelain chipped off, the metal will be visible.
*Stainless Steel- They are described as metal caps that are placed over a temporary tooth to protect, strengthen and to help prevent a temporary molar from decaying further. When the permanent tooth comes out, the stainless crown will come out easily.
*Metals- Metal dental crowns are the most durable of all crowns. It contains high volume of base metal alloys or platinum, thus, it can withstand years of chewing. But, because of their color, they are only used for molars in the middle, and not used for front teeth.
*Gold alloys – This is a mixture of gold and other metals. This type of crown does not fracture.
*All-Resin. This is the least expensive of all crown types. But, although they are the least expensive, they wear down or fracture faster than other crown types.

These are the following scenarios of when dental crowns will be recommended by your dentists:

* You have a tooth that has a large cavity that needs filling
* Your tooth has a crack and needs to be restored
* Damaged tooth that needs to be repaired
* Discolored tooth
* Badly shaped tooth
* Dental Implants that needs to be covered
* Root canal treatment that needs to be covered

Steps for dental crown placement:

* Tooth decay will be removed, the outer portion will be removed as well.
* An impression will be made above or below the tooth that will receive the crown.
* Create a plaster cast to create a new crown.
* It will match the natural color of your tooth.
* Temporary crown will be placed until the permanent crown is ready.
* After 1-2 weeks the temporary crown will be removed
* The dentist places your permanent crown in your mouth and adjust the fit and appearance.
* The crown is permanently cemented into place.
* The dentist will ask the patient to bite on a cotton gauze until the cement is set.
* The dentist will scrape the excess cement around your tooth.

After the crown has been set-up, your dentist will advise you to:

* Brush your teeth regularly
* Floss daily
* Avoid biting on hard food, it may damage your crown.
* A crown, if it is fitted properly and with proper care, it would last for about 10-15 years. It can provide strength and protection to your tooth, if it is done properly by your dentist Prescott Valley AZ. However, if it does not fit properly, bacteria will build-up inside, and eventually, will cause tooth decay.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.
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