Pay the Piper?

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Pay the Piper?

I was surfing around today and stumbled upon a link: Yahoo! Directory Listings. Great, I thought, I don't think I submitted this new domain to Yahoo yet, so let me do it now.

Don't even bother. I'll save you the effort - this is what they say:

"With Yahoo! Directory Submit, your request to be listed in the Directory will be reviewed and the Yahoo! editorial team will respond to you within 7 business days, for a review fee of only $299 ($600 for adult sites). If your listing is accepted into the Directory, there will be a $299 recurring annual fee in subsequent years ($600 for adult sites) to maintain the listing."

Holy moly! Yahoo, which started out in 1994 as a one-page link directory published by two students, now wants to fleece you yearly for the "privilege" of keeping their directory well stocked with relevant web content? Well, screw that.

If there is a big lesson to be learned on the Internet, it is that the best and most successful offerings are free. That's what made Yahoo famous in the beginning. It seems people still want and expect free things nowadays, and will start avoiding those online businesses which get greedy. Mind you, the hefty recurring fee Yahoo wants is not for a banner or display ad - it's merely for a link!

I basically don't trust a directory where sites have to pay to get listed. Whatever is published there is not necessarily the best, latest, most complete and relevant information, simply because those who don't pay the Piper are excluded.

No wonder Yahoo lost their top search rank long ago, and more recently had to shelve their own search engine in favor of Bing. These are the guys that shut down venerable web host Geocities which had around 7 million pages, and classic search engine AltaVista for not bringing in enough dough - what do you expect?

Frankly, I would have preferred if Yang would have sold out to Microsoft in 2008. At least there would have been an excuse...

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