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Pearl Earrings - Decadent Elegance
Through the centuries, pearl earrings have signified wealth and status. They have appeared dripping from the lobes of some of the most powerful women in history (including Marie Antoinette), and have been featured in famous paintings (Dutchman Johann Vermeer's ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring' and Jan Vermeer van Delft's ‘Woman with a Pearl Necklace').
Today, women in positions of power still sport huge spherical or mabe pearl stud earrings as a status symbol, and celebrities match pearls with diamonds in incredible drop pearl earrings that hang nearly to their shoulders. Brides and bridesmaid honor tradition with simple pearl teardrops in their ears, to match their necklaces and send a message of purity and joy.
Pearls are not only for the wealthy, however! Pearl earrings are attainable even for college students and working mothers looking for the perfect jewelry item to accent their wardrobe. Simple pearl knots can make a simple jean and sweater go from casual to chic, and an set of matched large pearls paired with a chunky pearl bracelet can feminize a business woman's red power suit in seconds.
For evening wear, a chandelier effect with tiny pearls can create a shimmer amid a mass of curls, or upsweep your hairdo to show off luscious teardrop pearl earrings. Whether your little black dress is being trotted out for a charity dinner or you are dressed to the nines in ‘barely there' blue silk for a romantic date, a pair of perfect pearls can make you the belle of the ball.
Pearl earrings are the perfect gift from loving parents to their little girl as a birthday or graduation gift. They are also appropriate from a serious courtier, as long as there are no strings attached! As a mother's day gift for any older female family member, they show appreciation and love for what the person has meant in your life.
Pearl earrings can be obtained in traditional while or cream, or matched to your wardrobe to provide a perfect accent piece - mauve pearls and matching pumps paired with a little handbag can make you perfectly put together. Be bold and experiment - a girl can never have too many pairs of pearl earrings!

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Gorgeous Jewelry Collection Women & Girls
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Sterling silver jewelry – Most admired and Precious metal

Permanent Linkby yanxshop on Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:52 am

Silver is One of the most admired and precious metal used by people since a long time. Sterling silver jewelry is always a trendy jewelery option for both the girls and boys. Sterling silver jewelry is made from a type of high grade metal that which is durable and beautiful to behold. Silver, the precious metal, which has been used for thousands of years to make religious or cult symbolic items, for use as silverware, utensils and other household items, as well as for jewelry. Pure silver is actually a very soft kind of metal which can not be a wearable one, unless it mixed with other kinds of metal for durability. This combination of silver and other sturdy metals results in what is known as sterling silver. These types of jewelry have often been a popular choice for countless numbers of jewelry-wearers.

Silver is also used to make bracelet and they are comes in variety of types and designs, some of them are slim and some are thick. There is a cuff bracelet which is quite expensive than other types of bracelets. Link bracelet is a very beautiful form of the bracelet, which is quite intricate but it really reflect the elegancy in the personality of a women. One of the classic types of the bracelet is the chain bracelet. Chain bracelets are easily available in bulk in the market. Silver is also worn by the celebrities and they come under the celebrity inspired jewelry. Sterling silver is the pure form of the silver. This silver is also used to produce the bracelets. The sterling bracelets really create a good impression of women. It is also highly considered by the celebrities. There are then different forms of the sterling bracelets are also available. These forms are divided into simple sterling silver bracelet, silver cuff bracelet and sterling charm bracelets.

There is also a Gothic silver bracelet. These bracelets are reflecting the culture of the Gothic and it is based on the theme. These bracelets have become a favorable option for many people and people share with each other occasionally. While you buy the silver bracelets, you should take care of the quality of the silver. The nature of the clasp is another important factor to be considered with regard to the quality of the silver. The size of the silver bracelet also plays a crucial role. Silver bracelets are unique and beautiful in their own way and add to the beauty.
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