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   Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:50 am

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Permanent Linkby admin on Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:50 am

Choose City

There is nothing that frustrates me more than going to a classifieds advertising site and being hit by the infamous "Choose City" prompt before you can do or see anything. Why in this day and age do people cling to their locale so fiercely? If I need something, it doesn't matter if it is located around the corner or 3000 miles away - I'm going to order the product online and have it shipped.

In fact, this is the principal reason why NetSide Corporation started the Free Classifieds Advertising forum: we need a better system. Most of the big boys in the classifieds business still force customers to trade in a limited neighborhood of their own world. Most of the specialized software packages sold for classifieds web sites are built around the same outdated newspaper model.


You're wrong!!!

It was time to introduce a new transaction model, and we did it right in this forum. Consider this: Amazon started selling books online in 1995, and it wasn't from your neighborhood. They shipped everything, and still do today, from regional warehouses that are NOT in your backyard. So while Bezos and his outfit are in Seattle, WA you simply enjoy shopping on his site for all kinds of goods and don't really care where the store is physically located. It's on the net, and that's all that matters. Does Amazon ask you before checkout to choose a city? No, they don't. You can see everything being offered from everywhere.

So it should be with classifieds. We're not opening a page in the local gazette anymore - it's an online web page, you morons! You want your advertisers to get maximum world-wide exposure for their goods and services when they place an online ad, not limit them and their clients to a specific city.

If you're a seller or promoter who wants global exposure, try advertising on for free. Free really means 100% free, so what do you have to lose? If you're a shopper frustrated by the local limitations in classifieds, come on over and browse through the ads. You'll get to see everything, can remain anonymous, or make friends and become socially active on the forum - your choice. Users can also comment on the ads in the threads and ask questions, chat, send a private message or email.

We set up a hi-tech advertising forum community that has no geographic limitations and is convenient for both sellers and buyers alike, wherever they may be located. Enjoy it all for free, with no strings attached!
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